Project background

The overall goal of the AUTOPORT co-innovation project consortium is to pave the way towards business renewal and operational excellence by developing ecosystem level approaches for logistic robot systems.

Stepwise automation

Stepwise automation towards lifetime business. Adaptable software platforms and modular control system structures

Novel business opportunities

Enabling new business models and extending the service business to overall machine fleets

System design and validation

Systematic procedures and tools for design and validation

Project consortium

AUTOPORT project consortium consists of companies (Atostek, Exertus, Huld, Intopalo Digital, Kalmar, Solita) and research organizations (Tampere University, VTT). Find out more of the partners’ contributions on the Project partners page.

The project is a part of the Business Finland funded Smart Mobility programme.


AUTOPORT at Automaatiopäivät

The 24th iteration of Finnish national Automation Days, Automaatiopäivät, included three presentations related to AUTOPORT results. The event was organized as an online gathering on April 13-14, 2021. The AUTOPORT presentations, given by VTT scientists, Read more…


Research project manager

Risto Tiusanen


+358 40 506 6999